Youth Health Line:

For Young people and families supporting young people. Provides information and access to support systemts through help phone lines, email, text, councelling, facte to face support, and online information.

Alcohol & Drug Helpline:

friendly and professional Help and advice free of judgement providing information and strategies, support.

Depression & Anxiety:

Offers information about helpful processes in which can help you deal with your symptoms, provdes free phone helpline where you can talk to a trained counsellor as well as through text and email.

Sexuality & Gender Identity Outline:

LGBTQI+ community support through phone and face to face counselling.

The Lowdown:

Chat with others who are in the same situation as you. Lowdown also provides information on anxiety, depression, relationships, health, school and much more!


Anxiety New Zealand Trust provides help in many forms such as support groups, workshops, courses, national helpline and one-on-one psychological assessments and treatmnent programmes

Life Line:

24/7 confidential helpline for people with emotional, psychologiccal distress and well as for people with problems in relation to work, money, family, marriage, violence, sickness and depression.

Health Line:

Provides general health information and advice services.

Kids Line:

24/7 helpline provided for youth (teenagers and children) provided by Life line which is anoter profession counselling service. Talk to a buddy who is a trained in telephone counselling skills. These buddies are still in school and can understand your situations as they know what its like to be a kid.

What's Up:

Talk about anything at all. Website provides an online chat service as well as a free call line. Talk with a What's Up Counsellor.


Confudential, non-religious and non-judgemental counselling. 24/7 phone line for support as well as a listening ear that is understanding and encouraging. Samaritans help talk through your problems and offer support.