Anxiety is a feeling in which the person tends to feel uneasy, anxious or nervous for something that will happen. There tends to be different categories that fall under the topic anxiety, this includes phobias, social anxiety disorder, general anxiety and panic.

Some helpful techniques to deal with this would include using meditation and sleeping apps to help you relax. Also finding someone to talk to as well as trying to think more positive. Some tips for thinking more positive include writing down all your bad thoughts and then thinking of a response that would disagree with your bad thoughts.

Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms such as shaking, struggling to breath, chest pains/tight chest etc. Things that you can do to help improve both your physical and mental symptoms would include taking care of your eating, sleep and your mind and body in general. Removing stress from your life as much as possible by keeping to a similar daily schedule and postponing any life changing decisions that may cause severe amounts of stress as well as finding out useful ways to relax such as yoga or meditation.


Depression is a feeling in which people tend to feel dejected, and have many negative thoughts which affects your emotional state throughout the day, this also may affect the decisions and actions you make. Stressful/traumatic life events tend to be one of the main causes for depression this may include things such as loss of a loved one, family/relationship/work/money troubles as well as experiences of violence or abuse.

Some signs of depression include the following:

Hobbies and other things you found enjoyable are not anymore You have trouble making decisions as well as remembering, sticking to commitments (such as school) and concentrating. Often feelings of guilt/anger/sadness/hopelessness Many days are considered as "off" days.

Ways that can help you deal with depression include taking care of your mind and body. Keeping in touch with friends and family and not excluding yourself from society, this also means that there will always be someone there for you to talk to. Socializing is a good method to improve your mood even though this may not be something you may want to do at the time. If not go to out Talk with someone page to find a list of helplines, websites and other forms a contact to get in touch with a trained volunteer or counsellor. Keeping up old hobbies and reverting back to doing activities which you used to love or still do is a good way to lift your spirits.