Body Image

Body image is the way in which you see yourself physically and the thoughts and feelings that are brought on by how you see yourself. Many people struggle with body images because of the influence of the media especially on young women when media portrays the ideal body type and a "criteria" for what makes a person beautiful sends negative thoughts and perceptions of their bodies to women worldwide who don’t fit this criteria.

Stop comparing yourself to photo shopped images in magazines and on the internet it is an unrealistic representation of their body. Love those around you for who they are and not what they look like. Remind yourself of positives you see in yourself. Huffington post says "Re-evaluate self-worth: How we nourish our bodies has a lot to do with self-worth. Until you feel worthy of feeling your best, you will constantly undermine your own efforts to achieving that end."

Exercise, sleep and eating

Eating difficulties start off with bad habits such as very strict with your food intake, as well as binge eating, poor body image, laxative abuse etc. Ways to work around this and to start to have better eating habits include drinking lots of water, eating a variety of foods, don’t let your emotions (upset/mad/nervous etc.) be a reason for you to eat, find something else to do instead. Eating Healthy is really important this means eating 5+ a day, limiting your sugar intake, if you are wanting to lose weight still keep your diet balanced healthy weight loss is very important.

Many people struggle with being able to fall asleep, this is usually caused by nervousness, as well as participating in events and activities late in the evening that keep your mind buzzing and your body awake. Try not to take any form of caffeine in the evening this includes energy drinks and coffee.